Manychat went to court against SilFer Bots because in April of 2020 because of their claim that there were too many similarities with our flow builder.

We removed the basic builder, and we made a lot of changes to our flow builder to differentiate it from the Manychat flow builder.

For Manychat

It is a shame for Manychat, a company that got 18 million USD investment in 2019 and can't compete with a company with only 1 developer. We are committed to helping businesses internationally by creating the best chat marketing platform in the world. If you continue to go against us, we will make the SilFer Bots an open-source project. You know very clearly that we made the changes to our flow builder, and it is a shame to use a screenshot from March 2020 known that in October 2020 the flow builder differentiate beyond any legal claims.

Your 18 million USD can't outwork our strong desire to win. We need 0 USD to create the platform that businesses need.