How to create an Ecommerce bot?

Our platform has a built-in ecommerce tool that allows you to easily sell your products within your bot. With this tool, you get a super powerful and flexible chatbot in minutes. You only have to register your products with data such as name, price, etc. and the tool does the rest automatically.

You can make a bot like this video.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create your bot.

1. Product Categories (Optional)
Let’s assume you plan to create a bot for an Adidas store. The categories of products could be Accessories, Clothing, and Shoes.
Go to Menu > Tools > Ecommerce > Categories and click in the new Category button or click here.

A category can have subcategories and a subcategory can subcategories. For example, the Accessories category may contain subcategories Bags, Balls, and Watches. Click the circled button in red, then click the Subcategories option.

2. Insert products
Go to Menu > Tools > Ecommerce and click in the new product button or click here.

If you don’t have the image link of the product and you have the product image on your computer or mobile phone, we allow you to upload the image and get the image link. To upload an image go to Menu > Tools > Upload Images > Images Link and click on new image button or click here.

If you want to specify other products data like category, vendor … click on Advanced options button.

If your business has many products and you can export product data, contact us and we will import the product data automatically.

3. Checkout
At this stage, we will allow the customer to finalize the purchase easily. From the shopping cart, the customer finalizes the purchase.

We offer the ‘SilFer - shopping cart’ flow. Through this flow, the customer can see the products he has added to the shopping cart and also goes to the checkout. Now you just train your bot to respond with ‘SilFer - shopping cart ‘ whenever customers have sent a message like ‘shopping cart’, ‘checkout’, … Read this article to learn how to train your bot.

We also recommend that you put the option to go to the shopping cart on the bot menu. Read this article to learn how to setup the bot menu.

At the end, you have to connect your Stripe account. To do this, go to Menu > Tools > Ecommerce and click the Settings button, after that click on the button shown on the bellow image.