How to implement an election/poll in your bot?

Our platform allows bots to create election/poll systems with high confidentiality and security in just 3 minutes. The user can’t vote more than once, and nobody even the administrators of the bot will not know which candidate one person voted for.

A poll may contain up to 100 candidates. You can also allow users to vote blank.

The video below shows an example of an election and how to create it.

Learn how to implement an election/poll inside your bot

Learn how to implement an election/poll inside your bot

To create an election/poll, go to Menu> Tools > Poll or click here.

In the image above all fields are self-descriptive. Regarding the ‘Image URL‘ field, if the image of an election or candidate is on your device, you can upload images to our platform and get the URL of the image. To do this, navigate to the Menu > Tools > Upload Files and click ‘Images URL’ button or click here.

If you want to allow the blank vote, click on ‘advanced options’ and check the ‘Allow Blank Vote’ checkbox.

It is important to have a lot of attention on the start date of an election since when an election starts you can’t change any data related to the election.

Result of the poll

Our platform provides detailed data on a poll. In addition to knowing which candidate won the election, bot administrators will obtain detailed data by gender.

The result of the poll will only be available when the election is over. During the poll, bot administrators can only know how many people have already voted.